Jordan Desimone, also known as Love Jordo, is a Filipino American rapper and songwriter based out of Norwich, Connecticut. Born in 2002 in San Diego, California, Love Jordo’ s music transpires west coast and east coast energy through mellow and melodic blended tracks. Channeling off the cuff humor, known as the class clown growing up; known also as Newey Ka Blooey by family members, in “SLEEPLESS”, ‘….booty so big it looks like a boat….’ Love Jordo raps. Self described as someone comfortable to be around and optimistic, Love Jordo’s contagiousness mostly comes from being relatable and authentic.
Determined to win with his music career, Love Jordo has gained local support of loyal followers for his authenticity. Growing up, his mom always rap playing in the house. ‘Music influenced my up bringing’ Love Jordo says. ‘I’m a very spiritual person, sometimes I’m numb to things I can’t express.’ Love Jordo’s music is a whole experience leaving listeners wanting to dive deeper into his story.