Connecticut Rapper Cheeza AKA "Floati Che Wingo"; is an active artist hailing in the New England section of the United States. At first, writing music was a joke, until Cheeza began to pursue music professionally at the age of 21, alongside current Mudlake artists and brothers, Kev Jonez and Dae Dollaz. Cheeza's latest release, "Akame" solidified him as an artist to be taken serious by locals and industry alike. Due to his summers in Irvington, NJ and his village like come up, Cheeza cultivated a relentless flow and witty wordplay unmatched by many. You can often hear some elusive anime references, or some ode or salutation to being "Floati" in his catchy rhymes. Cheeza is creating his own lane in the music industry with something he calls "Floati Music". Listen to the music and see why many have called it a masterpiece.